Toujuushi (Bestialious)
Oneshot Part 2
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: Oneshot (Part 2)
Japanese Title: 闘獣士(ベスティアリウス)
Romanized Title: Tōjūshi (Besutiariusu)
English Title: Toujuushi (Bestialious)
Total Pages: 40
Year Released: February 16, 2011
Shonen Sunday: Issue 12-2011
Chapter Chronology
Oneshot (Part 1) Chapter 1

Oneshot (Part 2) is the second part of the 1st Episode of Toujuushi Bestialious.



In battle between Fin and Durandal, Fin was able to pierce Durandal near the heart. Durandal tried to preach him, how he never learned and his thrust of the sword is too swallow and he missed his heart. Fin was asked to finish Durandal and was given an axe, but instead Fin cut the chain from Durandal's neck, saying he wants to honor his vow and go with Durandal in his homeland. The emperor gave order both to be killed and Fin started fighting with romans, saying to Durandal to fly. Durandal then protected him from the flying arrows with his wing and after Fin climbed on him, they left towards the Hebden Valley in Albion.

3 years later, Fin and Durandal were seen awaiting the new roman soldiers and went to attack them. They were able to protect the small piece of land for 3 years, killing over 250,000 roman soldiers, before they spend their final moments in honor.